Our team

At albrings + müller, we regard ourselves as a team.

Our team consists of engineers, business economists, property management experts, experienced specialists, young professionals, all-rounders, winter sports enthusiasts, wine lovers, early risers, alpine enthusiasts, individualists, all with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Our philosophy?

  • Maximum sincerity and transparency vis-à-vis our clients, an employee-oriented culture and ongoing employee development, as well as fair partnerships on an equal footing.

Our values?

  • Quite simple. Honesty, fairness, respect, reliability, loyalty, integrity, perfectionism.

How we operate?

  • Short lines of communication, structured processes, a highly flexible working environment.

What we aim to achieve?

  • We work with customers to achieve their individual objectives – in an honest and consistent manner, with foresight and imagination, and in creative and innovative ways.

Alana Raubacher

Alexandra Neigenfind

Alexander Lohberger

Andreas Rau

Berenice Schnitzler

Carina Larsson

Christian Albrings

Christian Kron

Christof Birkhofer

David Matthäus

Felix Kerner

Frank Bindszus

Julian Wißmann

Katrin Stahl

Manuel Wiedemann

Marina Tsaponi

Mario Kolb

Tobias Kurz

Peter Gresens

Simone Frigger

Steffen Müller

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